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Our 10-Point Service Checklist
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Business Game Plan

We include "game" with business plan because there's more to life than work. Your family, hobbies, and ambitions are an integral part of the game.


This is your personal storefront or portfolio. Since you can do whatever you want here, you have to make sure your website is user-friendly and efficient.

Social Media

Everyone's engaged on it so you need to be even more so. Building a trusting audience with creative content and a marketing plan has never been easier!


A list of people that actually read your emails is invaluable. Get your audience to read your emails and take action with proven email campaigns.

Products & Offers

You can't have a business if you're not making money. There are infinite ways to generate revenue, from products and services to events and affiliate marketing.

Creative Content

We'll show you exactly how to make your content engaging, relevant, and creative in order to build trust in your audience and get them to take action.

Customer Service

Since it's so easy for customers to instantly contact you in comments and messages, you need to be responsive, courteous, and encourage engagement. We'll show you how.

Parallel Businesses

What products and services can you offer that are in line with your current offers? Offering products and services that are related to your existing lineup are more likely to sell!

Supply Chain

This works in both directions. You can reduce your costs by going directly to the manufacturer and increase your profits by offering bundled and high-ticket products and services.


Once you've got your business machine set up and working, you have the option of keeping it forever or selling it for the right price. The question is, how much money do you want for your business?


We film some great marketing, event, and music videos around the world. Check 'em out.





We've got some awesome clients and ventures under our belt.

Share your passion with the world.

pursue the lifestyle you want.


This is the best way to get in touch with me or for anything related to ventures & clients.


Let's talk about handling or consulting on your Creative Media Production & Marketing Strategy.


Interviews, media opportunities, and any other press-related inquiries.


Obtain licensing for audio and visual components of this site and other ventures listed above.


If you want me to speak to your attendees or employees, this is where to go.


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