Being Your Ridiculous and Humorous Self Is Beneficial For Business

When you think of running a business, what are the most desirable qualities to make it successful? Revolutionary or impressive products? A well-planned marketing plan? Perhaps a powerful online presence? Rarely would you think of “being yourself” or better yet, “humor.” However, being yourself (to an extent) is one of the most valuable tools you […]

Invest In Our Future

If I asked you what you’re doing to make the future better and brighter, what would you say? You have a retirement account? Saving up for a rainy day? Perhaps you’re helping the environment by going green or planting trees. Whatever the case may be, the actions we take today will affect tomorrow. Yesterday is […]

I Have Fun And Help People, How Do I Make Money?

In order to get them to the stage of making money, you have to know your value. You could be having fun and helping people, but if you’re not also making money, you will not be successful. As much as you would like to be, you can’t live or help people much if you can’t […]

So I’m Having Fun, How Can I Help People?

So onto the next point of helping people. When you do decide what it is that you have fun doing, find out how you can help people with it. If you can find those people in your niche and give them something of value, the will give you something of value in exchange. Ideally, you […]

How Can I Have Fun?

What does it mean to have fun? Although this may seem like a naïve question, it is essential to ask yourself this since it has a different meaning for each individual. It is whatever you would love to do each and every morning when you wake up until the day you are no longer able […]

How Can I Have Fun, Help People, and Make Money.

This past week, meeting and interacting with new people I once again found myself saying my mantra out loud to whoever asked what I do. “Have fun, help people, make money.” The initial confusion is understandable; how in the world can you do all three of those things and earn a substantial income? When it […]