According to, a mantra is:

man·tra (noun)

  1. Hinduism. a word or formula, as from the Veda, chanted or sung as an incantation or prayer.
  2. an often repeated word, formula, or phrase, often a truism: If I hear the “less is more” mantra one more time, I’ll scream.

My mantra does not want to make me scream. It makes you want to fulfil goals instead of just screaming about them. What mantra is this, you may ask?

Mantra (1)

It’s short, sweet, and simple. “Have fun, help people, make money.” If you tell yourself this multiple times a day for the rest of your life, you will be successful. It is important to follow this mantra in this exact order, switching them around does not work as well.

How can this help you be successful?

Good question. The first part is “have fun.” This entails deciding what you absolutely love to do and would be excited about getting up in the morning and working every single day. After all, this will not just be your work; this will be your way of life. Every waking moment from here on out will be devoted somehow to this industry. Whether you enjoy photography, sports, horticulture, or playing video games, you can be successful as long as you’re passionate about it.

The next part, “help people”, is where the money factor actually comes into play. I don’t mean starting a charity or performing random acts of kindness, I mean helping a niche overcome their problems or concerns.

How can you help people in your niche?

The best way is to address problems and concerns that people in your niche have and see if you can solve them. You can also provide entertainment value to your niche, depending on what it is.

Continuing the previous examples, would you be able to teach someone how to take better photos or take amazing photos yourself that people enjoy? Perhaps teach someone how to perfect their golf swing? Or grow the best tomatoes ever? Perhaps you are just incredibly entertaining while playing video games and people enjoy watching you?

I’ll even take a few personal examples of companies that I have created. When this craze for unmanned drones was starting, I was one of the first to go out and get myself one. Although I thought it was one of the coolest pieces of technology I had come across in a long time, I didn’t get it to fly around and spy on people. I took that drone and started taking pictures and videos of real estate property. I took that content and created an educational course for real estate agents on how to get their own drone and take pictures of their own properties.

Another area that I am very passionate about is green energy. So I taught people what I know about saving money with green energy and shared the latest advances and projects in green energy. I then created a book on how to save money every year by going green.

Do you see the pattern?

Helping real estate agents take their own photos with a beneficial piece of technology and helping homeowners and landlords save money and reduce their carbon footprint by going green. As long as you can offer something of value, your customers will provide you with value, which is money.

That brings us to the last part of the mantra, which is “make money.” If you have fun and provide you niche with value, you can charge them and your audience will gladly pay, as long as you over-deliver each time. Essentially, you’re trading your value (expertise) for their value (money).

To sum it all up, discover what you love to do the most and see what problems and concerns your particular niche has. If you can solve their problems, entertain them, or provide them with honest value, you will be successful.

I will be updating this page and adding new information and content regularly so be sure to check back often!

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